I’m Liam

Welcome to Tefltravelling!

In May 2013, I quit my job in South Wales and moved to Thailand to teach English. 

A lot has changed since then…

I’ve spent the past ten years travelling, making money online and teaching English in various countries.

 It’s a lifestyle the old me could of only dreamed of!

It all started with getting my TEFL certificate.

Premier TEFL

The rest is history!

This blog mainly covers travel & lifestyle, with an emphasis on teaching English abroad and digital nomadism

I write about various things from- 

TEFL Tips & Resources

Travel Guides & Stories

Product Recommendations and Digital Nomadism

I also proudly work with fantastic travel companies like Hostelworld!

I wrote an eBook about teaching English abroad. You can find it on Amazon!

teach English abroad 2023

 I hope the content is useful to you guys.  I’ll enjoy sharing it with you!

I’m always looking for writers to bring more variety and colour to the site.  So, if you’re an ESL teacher, digital nomad or traveller and want to collaborate on something, get in touch!

Thanks for stopping by!


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