Teaching in Thailand: Part 4 – Six Months in Monkey City

Moving is stressful!

Yet, when everything you own fits into a backpack, that stress significantly decreases.

In truth, my move from Nakon Nayok to Lopburi wasn’t stressful at all.

It was exciting!

Soon enough I’d get a new apartment, meet new people and start a new job.

 I was ready.

Aviary Photo_130756327083825355Aviary Photo_130756329530229032

Lopburi is not an unheard of place to many people that travel around or live in Thailand. It’s on the backpacker’s route and was made famous to many people in the UK by the popular TV show Idiot Abroad.

Aviary Photo_130756328673955703

Basically, it’s a city overrun with monkeys, making it an intriguing place to visit, or if you’re a TEFL teacher, to live in!

Aviary Photo_130756327631886326

At my new school, Anuban Lopburi, I worked with 6 other foreign teachers and taught Math and Computer, as well as English. My experience there included some of the best months of my life. Lopburi has a good expat community and there many things to see and do.

The department of the school we worked in was an MEP (Mini English Program), which meant the students had a decent level of English. Well, better than anything I had experienced before. This made teaching a lot more fun.

Aviary Photo_130756328188159021Aviary Photo_130756327312383768Aviary Photo_130756330289719774

Lopburi itself is a cool city.  My colleagues and I had mopeds for the duration of our stay, so we had the freedom to explore the surrounding areas and see some of rural Thailand.

Aviary Photo_130756329837553118

To any TEFL teachers looking to work in Thailand, I seriously don’t think you can go wrong with Lopburi.  Especially if you are worried about the culture shock, Lopburi has a few western restaurants and bars so you can have a good balance of Asia and home.

Aviary Photo_130756329333746981

So, if you see a job vacancy for this city, GO FOR IT!


23 thoughts on “Teaching in Thailand: Part 4 – Six Months in Monkey City

      1. And I will have no trouble finding a monkey and it’s safe to let them climb on you? Meeting a monkey could be one of the highlights of the trip. Thanks a lot.


  1. I’m really enjoying your blog! I studied abroad for about 8 months in Thailand and absolutely adored it. I love that you’re encouraging others to teach in Thailand and giving them a real perspective on working outside of Bangkok or the iconic beaches. It’s so great to see the small towns! Hope you’re enjoying it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is random. You will basically be doing my old job. You will have a great time, Lopburi and the school are great. My only tip would be to not plan too many practical computer lessons because the laptops barely work. The Thai teachers are really friendly and helpful. Good luck, I’ll be interested in how you get on 🙂


      1. Cheers! Will be just like my old school in England then! We had 30 laptops but were sometimes lucky if there was 1 between 2! Did you have your own classroom or did you move around to each class?


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