Late to the airbnb party..

Established in 2008, Airbnb has been around for a fair amount of years at this point. However, it wasn’t until mid-2015 that I first used it.

It was a brilliant choice!

To anyone that doesn’t know what Airbnb is, it’s an online platform that allows people to list and rent a huge range of properties all over the world. Accommodation can range from a tent on a rooftop to a Buddhist temple, slick apartments to high-end villas.  The Airbnb website and app are easy to use and make searching simple. You can filter dates, prices, location and guest quantity. It also allows you to connect to Facebook, which saves the hassle of registering and can get you potential discounts.

My first Airbnb experience was during the summer of 2015. I stayed with a Japanese man called Yuki in Osaka, Japan. His house was stereotypically Japanese and located in a residential area away from the swarms of tourists. He was a great host—he picked us up from the train station, provided us with food and beverages, and offered loads of help. This experience made a great trip even better. It enabled me to have a more authentic experience by living like a local, with a local.


Apart from a different style of accommodation, Airbnb can also be the cheapest way to sleep while you travel. Many Airbnb prices even beat the travelers’ all-time favorite—the hostel.

I  love it, why didn’t I do it sooner?


9 thoughts on “Late to the airbnb party..

  1. I love the idea of an air bnb but I think it depends where you are. I looked into one in Vienna and they were almost double some of the 4* hotels! x

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  2. I’m on my soon-to-be 4th Airbnb (Seoul, Osaka, Philippines (Baguio) & soon Japan again) experience and I’m quite happy that I got to save so much money rather than spending it on hotels. Made new friends too! The key to a good Airbnb experience is to research well, read up on details &, more importantly, read through the property & host reviews. Airbnb searching can also be an addictive house-hunting hobby: found potential great rents on Prague, London & Sydney! 😀

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