100 Things I Did in New York Last Week

The Big Apple, NYC, the city that never sleeps.. visiting New York city has been on my bucket list for decades, and last week I finally got the chance to visit! 

New York City

I tried to make the most of my time in the world-famous city and experience as much as I could in just a couple of days. Here is a list of 100 things I did in New York last week! 

  1. Went to the top of the Empire State building!
New York City
  1. Ate gluten free pizza at Zazzys 
  1. Explored little Italy 
  1. Took the subway express line! 
  1. Watched Harry Potter & The Cursed Child on Broadway 
  1. Had breakfast with a view of the Chrysler Building
  1. Saw a sunrise at Central Park 
  1. Went to the Lego store 
  1. Saw the Flatiron building 
  1. Had a cappuccino at Ferraris, Little Italy 
  1. Wandered around Times Square at night 
  1. Walked around the Jacuquline Kenedy Reservoir 
  1. Took the ferry to Staten Island 
  1. Ate at a Dallas Texas BBQ 
  1. Tipped!… a lot  
  1. Did a walking tour of the Lower East Side 
  1. Looked around the Harry Potter store 
  1. Ate a NY bagel!  
Bagel New York
  1. Looked around the shops at the Outlet, Staten Island 
  1. Explored Manhattan by foot 
  1. Drank % coffee with a view of Brooklyn bridge  
  1. Went to an AMC theatre! 
  1. Had a McDonalds! 
  1. Explored Chinatown 
  1. Ate Dumplings at Vanessa’s, Chinatown 
  1. Spent too much money at Modern Day Bagel 
  1. Learned what ‘a few blocks away’ means 
  1. Went to Katz’s diner (from Where Harry met Sally
  1. Watched Antman and the Wasp Quantamania  
  1. Had a coffee at Starbucks 
  1. Went to JFK airport 
  1. Had a gin & tonic at Stonewall 
  1. Made new friends! 
  1. Went to an African burial ground 
  1. Reunited with old friends! 
  1. Cured a hangover with Thai food 
  1. Went to an Irish pub near Madison Square garden 
  1. Visited the 9/11 memorial 
  1. Had breakfast at Big Bootys 
  1. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge 
Brooklyn Bridge
  1. Enjoyed the street art! 
  1. Took the train from JFK 
  1. Ate too many dohnuts! 
  1. Went to Soho for drinks 
  1. Watched sunset from the west side of Manhattan  
  1. Visited the Vessel  
  1. Went to the Chelsea market  
  1. Looked around Hudson’s yard shopping mall 
  1. Walked around Hudsons yard 
  1. Ate a meal with broadway singers performing around the tables  
  1. Had an incredible meal & milkshake at Friedmans  
  1. Ate gluten free fried chicken at Pureburger 
  1. Saw the Statue of Liberty! 
  1. Went clubbing 
  1. Saw the Empire State building lit up at night 
  1. Took a train ride at sunset and saw the cities golden landscape 
  1. Ate a lot of Mexican food 
  1. Went to BOB bar 
Drinks in NYC
  1. Had lunch at TAP NYC 
  1. Saw THAT Audrey Heburn artwork 
  1. Went down what was once the most dangerous street in NYC 
  1. Changed trains at Grand Central  
  1. Took a bus from Port Authority Station  
  1. Explored Brooklyn Heights by foot 
  1. Enjoyed the view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park Harbor 
  1. Enjoyed a gourmet wrap at Wolfnights! 
  1. Walked under the 59th street bridge  
  1. Got confused by the local vs. express train lines 
  1. Noglu!! 
  1. Stayed at an American hostel 
  1. Sat on a bench, coffee in hand, watching the squirrels in central park 
  1. Overheard ‘New York’ by Alicia Keys too many times 
  1. Got called Leo more times than I was called Liam 
  1. Explored Koreatown 
  1. Found 닭갈비 
  1. Looked around the offical NYC gift store 
  1. Checked into a fancy hotel 
  1. Went to Five Points district from Gangs of New York 
  1. Visited a Tenement building 
  2. Saw people get their American citizenship
  1. Saw the New York County Courthouse 
  1. Explored little Israel and went to many synagogues  
  1. Shopped at GAP 
  1. Drank coffee on Staten Island  
  1. Went to Turtle Pond, Central park  
  1. Got caffeinated at Dunkin’ Dohnuts 
  1. Ordered a large soda and fries to see what all the fuss was about 
  1. Mulberry street 1986 vs today comparison experience
  1. Enjoyed the fantastic street art in China town 
Chinatown, NYC
  1. Nom Wah Tea Parlour NYC!
  1. Saw Lego Manhattan  
  1. Macys! 
  1. Walked around Times Square in the daytime 
  1. Went to the Empire State building exhibition  
  1. Did my laundry! 
  1. Had drinks with a cast members spouse at Harry Potter 
  1. Went to the filming location for parts of Law & Order 
  1. Saw a yellow school bus (like from the movies) 
  1. Explored Tribeca 
  1. Took a bus to Canada  

Have you been to New York City? What did I miss? Is there anything you recommend I do during my next visit? 


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