Meeting Dolly the Sheep in Edinburgh

Dolly the sheep, the world’s first ever cloned mammal, passed away in 2003 after 7 eventful (by your average sheep’s standard) years of life. Today, her body can be seen for free at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. 

The Dolly exhibition is on display in the Science and Technology galleries, easily noticeable in a rotating plexiglass cubicle.

Dolly the sheep, travel

Back in 2017, a close friend of mine was heading to Edinburgh on a works trip and asked if I wanted to tag along and crash in their hotel room for free. Of course, I said yes! I’d never visited Scotland before, which was something I’d always felt a little ashamed about as a British person, so this was a good chance to right that wrong.

A couple of days and a cheap Easyjet flight later, we checked into the fancy hotel in Edinburgh city centre and hit the streets exploring.


Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities on planet earth.  The Scottish capital isn’t only rich in history, a haven for those who love Medieval, Neoclassical and Georgian architecture, but also boasts views of nearby hills and the North sea.  Famous for its festivals, Edinburgh welcomes over 4 million visitors each year, boosting Scotland’s economy by over 1.2 billion annually.

As my friend was technically there to work, I spent most of the days by myself seeing the sites, and then during the evenings with them doing what Welsh and Scottish people do best – drinking in a pub!

Seeing Dolly at the National Museum was an unexpected turn of events for me.  My original plan was to walk up to Arthur’s seat, but true to form, the British weather had other ideas forcing me to spend most of my day inside.

From Scottish history to Animal World, Ancient Egypt to Dolly herself,  I was pleasantly surprised, there was no shortage of fascinating exhibitions to see and read about at the National Museum of Scotland.

If museums and dead cloned animals aren’t your thing, then luckily Edinburgh has other points of interest which are also thoroughly enjoyable.

Visit the iconic Edinburgh Castle, which has become a symbol for the city, and Scotland itself. Check out the Royal Yacht Britannia, a former yacht for the British royal family that was in use for over 43 years. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have good weather, climb Arthur’s seat, an ancient volcano with rich references in mythology and in pop culture today.

Edinburgh is one of those cities that captivates your imagination.

My visit to the National Museum of Scotland also gave me an appreciation for museums, libraries and other public spaces that are completely free, which up until that point, I had never really took advantage of in the UK.  Oh, and it also gave me the chance to meet Dolly.


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