TEFL TIPS #2 – Encouraging Casual English

One challenge that I’ve found working with my youngest students is encouraging them to use English to communicate with each other. They’ll answer my questions, parrot my sentences, and in general express their needs to their foreign teachers using English vocabulary. However, when it comes to speaking with their peers it doesn’t occur to them … Continue reading TEFL TIPS #2 – Encouraging Casual English

TEFL TIPS #1 – The Almighty Flashcard (1)

A flashcard is to an ESL teacher is like the Batmobile to Batman—no ESL teacher I know would be without them! I think the core of their popularity is largely due to the teacher/student language barriers inherent in ESL education, especially when working with beginners or younger students. A flashcard of an apple portrays an … Continue reading TEFL TIPS #1 – The Almighty Flashcard (1)