Conquering the Highest Mountain in Wales

Yr Wyddfa, or in English; Snowdon, is the highest mountain in Wales, and the third highest in the United Kingdom. Standing at an impressive 1085 meters, Snowdon has links to King Arthur and is visited by over 350,000 people annually. Sadly, the mountain claims 8 deaths on average per year, so climbing it shouldnโ€™t be … Continue reading Conquering the Highest Mountain in Wales


Hiking South Korea’s Highest Mountain

When Iโ€™m visiting a new place, in addition to the usual traveller stuff, such as trying the local food, meeting new people, seeing the sites etc. I like to try to attempt two things: 1) Watch a movie at a local cinema. 2) Reach the highest point in that country. Unsurprisingly, I make it to … Continue reading Hiking South Korea’s Highest Mountain