Top 10 Countries to teach english abroad (after the pandemic)

There is no question that the TEFL industry has been hard hit by the current pandemic.

Millions of schools have closed, and travelling has almost grounded to a halt.

When the world will bounce back to the ‘new normal’ is hard to tell, but when it does, the demand for English teachers will be back stronger than ever.

If you’ve used your time in lock down to get your TEFL, or you’re itching to get back to teaching English abroad in the future, here are 10 countries you should consider checking out:

South Korea

Travel Guide: South Korea

South Korea is a hugely popular TEFL destination at the moment.

If you have a bachelors degree, you can expect to earn at least $1800 a month teaching English in South Korea.

But money isn’t the only basis on why you should move to the ROK, there a million more reasons why you should teach in the land of K-Pop! Check out this post: Teach English in South Korea.


Travel Guide: China

The demand for English teachers in China is huge. There are no shortages of good job opportunities all over the country.

I think because the demand is so high, it allows us teachers to do more research and pick what position is best for us.

If you want information on getting a visa, check out this post: Visa Guide


Travel Guide: Mexico

Whether you want to work in Mexico city, out in the country or near a beach, there is a huge market for certified TEFL teachers south of the American border.


Travel Guide: Cambodia

Teaching English in Cambodia is becoming more popular year after year. The ESL market throughout the country is growing, so it is more common to find TEFL job opportunities.


Travel Guide: Taiwan

I’ve only visited Taiwan, but I loved it. The Taiwanese are known to integrate more than other cultures in Asia and the island doesn’t suffer from freezing winters like Korea and parts of China. If you have a BA degree & at least a 120 hour TEFL certificate, then Taiwan may be the place for you!


Travel Guide: Spain

Spain is one of the TEFL hotspots in Europe. Hourly wages vary a lot, but good positions can be found in the cities. You’ll have an easier time getting a decent job with a degree, TEFL & some previous teaching experience.


Travel Guide: Thailand

Thailand was my first TEFL destination all the way back in 2013. It was the time of my life!

There are so many reasons why you should teach in Thailand that I created a list of why you shouldn’t! Check it out – Don’t teach in Thailand if…

Costa Rica

Travel Guide: Costa Rica

I’ve never taught English in South America, but I have friends who strongly reccomend the TEFL lifestyle in Costa Rica.

Why? Check this out

Hong Kong

Travel Guide: Hong Kong

TEFL teachers in Hong Kong are well paid, but living costs are high. Do your research and make sure the job you’re applying for won’t leave you short each month.

If you’re thinking of teaching in Hong Kong, it’s worth checking out the NET scheme!


Travel Guide: Prague

Prague is an absolutely stunning city! Teaching English in Prague may not be as popular as other European cities, but it’s worth considering.

The average monthly salary is $600 – $1000.

So, there you have it! 10 TEFL destinations that you could be heading to after the pandemic.

Do you plan on teaching English abroad in 2021? Where do you plan on going?


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