Teach English in Asia 2022!

A year ago I wrote a post about teaching English after the pandemic. Little did I know that ‘after the pandemic’ was a lot further into the future than I had initially imagined.

Alas! Slowly but surely & with many thanks to the amazing vaccines, that time is getting closer and closer (sort of).

The world may be far from back to normal, but numerous countries are opening their borders & advertisements for ESL teaching positions is on the rise.

If you’re thinking about heading east and teaching English abroad next year, then I hope this list helps you out!

Teaching English in asia 2022

South Korea

South Korea reined at the top of the ‘Best Countries to Teach ESL’ list for years. A competitive salary, free housing, fly reimbursement and of course the home of super popular K-Pop are just a few reasons why.

TEFL in South Korea

North Korea

Yes! You can actually teach English in North Korea! They don’t exactly post jobs on reed.com, but a few ESL positions can be found online.

TEFL in North Korea


Thailand has been a popular destination to teach English for years. It may not offer the perks of a high salary and free housing like some of the other countries on this list, but in terms of location, it has it all. Whether you’re a jungle, city or beach person, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a position that will suit you.

TEFL in Thailand


ESL opportunities at both public and private schools can be found throughout the sovereign island, Taiwan. Many teachers who have worked there say it is an overlooked area and can be a great country for an expat to live in.

TEFL in Taiwan

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is another destination that has become popular over recent years. The salary is comparable to South Korea and China, but the cost of living is known to be higher.

TEFL in Hong Kong


An extremely low cost of living along with competitive hourly teaching rates make Vietnam very desirable. It isn’t as developed or comfortable as many of the other countries on this list but can be heaps of fun. I lived in Hanoi for almost a year, and personally, I loved it!

TEFL in Vietnam


The majority of ESL jobs in Cambodia can be found in Phnom Penh. A degree is not required to teach in Cambodia, but a TEFL certificate is a must.

TEFL in Cambodia

China is the biggest market player at the moment. Well paying ESL positions can be found throughout the country. A simple google search will bring up hundreds of recruiters and companies that will help you secure a job.

TEFL in China


ESL opportunities in Japan offer competitive salaries and perks. If you’re looking to teach English in Japan, you’ll have to decide between ALT teaching jobs with a Japanese public school or a teaching job at a private language institute.

TEFL in Japan


Malaysia, like Thailand, offers beaches, cities, and jungles. It is not as common as it’s neighbor as a teaching destination but pays more. You need at least a bachelor’s degree, but these days a master is preferred.

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is a growing destination for ESL teachers. A country that is bursting with history and nature. The majority of well paid and reputable teaching jobs are located in Mandalay and Yangon.

TEFL in Burma


You can teach English in the Maldives?! This destination makes you think more honeymoon than a job opportunity, however, teaching positions in the Maldives are often posted online. Albeit, 90% of the jobs are located in the capital, Male, but weekend trips to the idyllic islands are definitely possible.

TEFL in The Maldives


There are paid teaching positions to be found in Nepal. However, purchasing a program may your best bet. A lot of these programmes are designed to give volunteers an authentic experience of what it is like to live and work in the home of Mt. Everest.

TEFL in Nepal


The more westernized feel of Singapore may appeal to many of those looking to teach English in Asia. It is important to note that a degree and a certified TEFL certificate are both required to work there.

TEFL in Singapore


Teaching English in Indonesia isn’t as popular as one may think. However, it is still a fantastic choice for many people. It’s important that you ensure all sponsorship deals, documents, and accommodation are in order to avoid any complications with the government. All that said, if you’re looking for a destination ‘off the beaten track’, then this could be the place for you.

TEFL in Indonesia

Where do you plan on teaching in 2022?


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